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Other Three by Rae-elic
Other Three
AKA my children: Breezepelt, Ivypool, and Hollyleaf

((I finally installed my tablet and Photoshop on my new computer. 

It's a gaming computer but let me just say its nice having a graphics card that can handle Photoshop as the picture gets more and more complicated!))

Feel free to use but please credit me!
Microraptor Secret Santa by Rae-elic
Microraptor Secret Santa
A gift I drew for a secret santa on tumblr.

My scanner sucks. This looks better irl lol.
Dromaeosaurs by Rae-elic
Meant to be Velociraptor and Microraptor (the smaller black one).

I could not for the life of me figure out Velociraptor's snout: its still too wide and I couldn't get the upturn right. Also I hate drawing coverts.
Dakotaraptor by Rae-elic
These guys are a pretty exciting discovery! A giant raptor for the Hell Creek Formation!

(I'll need to do them justice later but here's a sketch for now.)
Sisters by Rae-elic
I was experimenting with style and I like how this one came out. I kinda want to make things less detailed but still anatomically correct argh

Dovewing and Ivypool.

(Idk about the white. I'll probably crop it later but idk, maybe I'll use it as a wallpaper.)

(Also Dovewing has green eyes kiss my ass.)
I haven't posted any new art since like the dawn of fucking time so I'm gonna try to redraw something I've done before because I have the artistic creativity of a doorknob and can't think of any original ideas.

I'm not even original enough to go find a piece worth redrawing so basically if you guys would be willing to go through this gallery and StormFalconFire and pick out some pieces you'd like to see me draw again that would be pretty sweet. I mean I'll probably give up halfway through but its worth a shot just don't pick out anything that was for another person. (also if you want me to redo something I did in MS Paint I'm not going to do it again in MS Paint because I love myself)

(((Also when did the premium membership become a core membership? I for one would love to be a HARDCORE DEVIANTARTIST.)))

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